TrashLess Lighter

When my BIC lighter ran out of fuel, I wondered if it would be possible to refill it.  If you google how to refill a lighter you will see it is possible although not trivial. BIC states that their lighters are NOT refillable, but of course you can buy a new one for about 4 … Continue reading TrashLess Lighter

TrashLess Travel

It's pretty easy to limit your waste when you are in your own environment. However, I travel a fair amount. I was out of town three times last month. I flew to both Denver and Las Vegas and drove to Washington DC. Like I've said before, you have to be prepared if you want to TrashLess when … Continue reading TrashLess Travel

The Clamshell — things I didn’t know were trash

Tubs of spinach -- trash. Strawberry clamshells -- trash. Tomato clamshells -- trash. According to Wikipedia, "a clamshell is a one-piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge area which allows the structure to come together to close." Clamshells usually come with a resin code, so I always thought they were recyclable.  However, my apartment recycling guidelines … Continue reading The Clamshell — things I didn’t know were trash