March Madness Trash Edition: Part 1

Part 1

March Madness officially starts on March 13th. It has been a few years since I did a bracket. My dad has a friend who used to take care of it, but after detaching his retina one year, he abdicated his duties.


This year, we’re trying something new at my house: March Madness Trash Edition, which has nothing to do with basketball.

For a while now, we have been conscious of our trash. We don’t have a bin, just a plastic baggy to put waste in. This methodology has probably caused some eye-rolling from guests. However, this month we are stepping things up. We are trying to fit all of our trash for the month into a large mason jar. I know hardcore zero-wasters fit years worth of trash in a small mason jar, but hey! We are just getting started.

March Madness Guidelines

1. Buy package free
2. If not package free, buy compostable.
3. If not compostable, buy recyclable.
4. Else, don’t buy.
5. We are counting waste from items that we have purchased prior to March. So if I finish my bag of Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal this month, the plastic bag goes into the trash jar.

Day 1

We’re off to a good start. Between the two of us, we threw away a band-aid, a match, part of a plastic pen, and some dental floss.

Trash Day 1

So are there zero-waste solutions to this stuff?


Biodegradable floss is available at our local health food store so it won’t be a hard swap once we’ve used up our plastic floss. I used to flush floss down the toilet, but you’re really not supposed to do that.


I’ve been looking for bandaid alternatives and have come across some weird suggestions. One site recommended a dried Kombucha Scoby. That sounds next level hippie. Perhaps more realistically, I have come across a brand that produces biodegradable bandages. However, it looks like this product is only available in Australia.


We primarily use matches to light candles, so we were thinking of getting one of these lighters that are rechargeable.


I haven’t seen too many good reviews for biodegradable pens. You can watch a really sexy video about a potato pen, but I can’t find anywhere that sells it, and their website now links to a Thai Trucking site. The video was made 8 years ago; maybe the potato pen never caught on. Other biodegradable pens got meh reviews on Amazon, but I thought these pencils might be neat!

Stay tuned for more updates on our March Madness Trash adventure!



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