March Madness Trash Edition: Part 2


Part 2

Part 1 here

March Madness is officially underway. We have had two Noreaster storms here on the East Coast this week, and our heat and wifi have been on and off for a few days. Spring is still a dream!


Plenty of snow this month in Princeton, NJ


On the trash front, we had a successful first week. I think our jar looks to be about a quarter full. Here is a reminder of our self-imposed guidelines for the month

March Madness Guidelines

1. Buy package free
2. If not package free, buy compostable.
3. If not compostable, buy recyclable.
4. Else, don’t buy.
5. We are counting waste from items that we have purchased prior to March. So if I finish my bag of Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal this month, the plastic bag goes into the trash jar.

Let’s see a play by play of the trash situation.

Day 2


Surprisingly, the bulk of our trash came from buying produce at the grocery store. We have been saving produce stickers separately in hopes of having a creative impulse like this guy.

Day 3


We produced more trash on day 3 than on the previous days. Uno finished using two bags of Bob’s Red Mill flour to make bread. Bob’s plastic packaging is not recyclable. However, we found out that King Arthur’s Flour comes in paper packaging, which we bought this week instead. I also bought a Kombucha while I was out on Saturday as I was having an issue with an inflamed esophagus, and my throat was really hurting. The Kombucha was not helpful, btw.

Day 4

Nothing of too much significance here on day 4.

Day 5

Stickers seem to be somewhat hard to avoid.

Day 6

The cover on one of my notebooks was driving me nuts, so I ripped it off, and it is not recyclable. I will have a more detailed post on Sunfood later, but I know their packaging is not recyclable. We had been taking these tablets because they have high levels of B-12 and we eat a plant-based diet at my house. I haven’t really looked into it, but I read somewhere that your body doesn’t absorb B-12 from algae very well. So we will probably revert back to a traditional supplement.

Day 7

This straw is from Starbucks, which kind of breaks the rules of not buying non-recyclable stuff. In my defense, I did not buy the drink. I met up with a guy that I am doing some work for, and he bought the drink for me. I was also honest enough to carry the straw all the way back from Starbucks, so there’s that.


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