March Madness Trash Edition: Part 3


Part 3

Part 2 here

I’m writing once again in the midst of a Noreaster snow storm. However, I have had some glimpses of spring. The elm trees, red maples, and magnolias are all starting to flower in New Jersey. Hopefully, the buds will survive today’s storm.


Red maple buds contrast nicely on my sweater


This month we are trying to fit all of our household trash into a large mason jar. We are following a few rules listed below.

March Madness Guidelines

1. Buy package free
2. If not package free, buy compostable.
3. If not compostable, buy recyclable.
4. Else, don’t buy.
5. We are counting waste from items that we have purchased prior to March. So if I finish my bag of Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal this month, the plastic bag goes into the trash jar.

The trash photography has become a bit more sporadic this week. I was home in Colorado for a weekend, which threw things off a bit, but I did keep track of my trash while I was on the road. I packed it all back in my carry-on.


Boulder, CO


Back in New Jersey, we have had days with no trash followed by days of “substantial” trash. Thus, I’ve been taking photo updates every few days instead of every day. Our jar is starting to fill up.

Days 8-13 New Jersey


While I was gone, Uno didn’t produce too much trash. We polished off the last of the Bob’s Red Mill flour. We have switched to King Arthur flour as it uses paper instead of plastic packaging.

Days 9-13 Colorado


I produced plenty of trash on my trip. A couple of the cups you see here came from me being unprepared and without my reusable water bottle. All the Bob’s Red Mill bags came as a result of reorganizing my parents’ pantry. They have a big pantry that seems to conceal the food I am looking for, and thus, I end up buying stuff they already had. I think there were 4-5 bags of Bob’s Red Mill Oats (that I had probably purchased on different occasions), so I consolidated them all into a big mason jar. I figured I would count the bags as my trash since I had probably purchased them in the first place.

Days 14-15


The styrofoam comes from some leftovers Uno brought home from a school workshop. The leftovers were good – big samosas – so I’m ok with the styrofoam in this case.

Days 16-17


I really like the birth control that I am taking. Yes, I am aware there are waste-free options like an IUD, which I have tried btw. I had some complications, and considering getting the IUD inserted was the most painful experience of my life, I am not willing to try again.

Days 18-21


I am not sure how to solve the issue of produce trash. The produce trash that was produced this week came from purchasing asparagus, kale, and lettuce. We are also using the last of our frozen vegetables in the freezer. We will probably try to freeze our own veggies from now on when they are in season.

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