March Madness Trash Edition: Part 4


Part 4

Part 3 here

Happy Easter!

The end of March has come and gone, and our trash jar is totally full. This month we tried to fit all of our household waste into one large mason jar.

March Madness Guidelines

1. Buy package free
2. If not package free, buy compostable.
3. If not compostable, buy recyclable.
4. Else, don’t buy.
5. We are counting waste from items that we have purchased prior to March. So if I finish my bag of Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal this month, the plastic bag goes into the trash jar.

Over the past few days, we have made an effort to move most of our packaged stuff into glass mason jars. This effort generated a lot of unrecyclable plastic bags.  However, our cabinet now looks nice and tidy. Notice we have switched to King Arthur Flour from Bob’s Red Mill.  King Arthur’s flour is packaged in paper bags without a plastic lining, so the bags are fully recyclable.


Here is an overview of our trash for the week!

Days 22 – 23


I’ve had this green banana flour for quite some time, so I made an effort to make something with it. I made this recipe for green banana flour brownie bits. They were yummy, but I will not be purchasing this flour again. A bit too niche.

Days 24-25 Washington D.C.


We drove to D.C. for the March for Our Lives protest. We had a lot of fun and didn’t make too much trash along the way — just receipts and produce stickers.


I liked the reference.

Days 26-29


Days 30-31


I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to compress all this trash into the jar but voila!


A few takeaways from this month.

  • Buying in bulk is great. Bulk items are well priced, and we can get almost everything we need in this one section. A few staple items that we purchase are beans, lentils, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, dates, nuts, and spices.
  • Some trash is hard to avoid.  Receipts and produce stickers are likely to be with us for a while. Remember, even if you decline your receipt at the store, you still produced that trash.
  • Being prepared helps you avoid waste. Make sure to carry a refillable water bottle and reusable utensils with you on a regular basis. For trips, take pre-made snacks so you can avoid packaged junk at the airport or grocery store. This method also is also nice for your wallet 🙂


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