TrashLess Travel

It’s pretty easy to limit your waste when you are in your own environment. However, I travel a fair amount. I was out of town three times last month. I flew to both Denver and Las Vegas and drove to Washington DC. Like I’ve said before, you have to be prepared if you want to TrashLess when you travel.


The first leg of many of my journeys begins with New Jersey Transit. Instead of printing a train ticket, I buy my tickets on the NJ Transit app.


I also used an e-ticket for my plane ticket. I flew on Southwest to Denver. Luckily no engines exploded.


The flight attendants came around with a bag for recycling. However, I am pretty sure I saw them put all sorts of unrecyclable things into the bag, so I am a bit skeptical that anything was actually recycled properly.

I usually turn down the packaged peanuts and other snacks that are offered on planes because I bring my own food. I also ask the flight attendants to pour water into my water bottle instead of getting a plastic cup.

Once I was in Denver, it was smooth sailing on the trash front. My brother has a composting bin at his apartment, which makes it a lot easier to TrashLess.


Here is a lovely picture of the snacks I brought for the journey home. Airport food is expensive (and usually very packaged). I know these buckwheat peanut butter cookies look gray and gross, but they were actually really good.



Washington D.C.

When you drive to D.C. from Princeton, you hit several states. First Pennsylvania, then Delaware, then Maryland, and then for us, Virginia (we stay in Arlington with family).  I love D.C. — it is a great city with plenty or recycling bins.

This time around, we were attending the March for Our Lives protest.


I was impressed with this refillable water bottle station at the protest.


We try to bring plenty of snacks in the car when we go on road trips. However, sometimes we need to stop to refuel. Several of the mid-Atlantic states have a really nice grocery chain called MOM’s.  We stopped here on our way back to New Jersey as we had run out of snacks.













Mom’s recycles stuff that you can’t normally recycle: snack/chip bags, energy bar wrappers, squeeze pouches, and cosmetics. They also print on BPA free receipts. Although, I am not sure if these are recyclable either.

My brother gave me this bamboo utensil set for Christmas, and it comes in handy when I travel. No need for plastic utensils! I originally thought the packaging for the quinoa salad would be recyclable, however, I recently discovered clamshells are trash.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a different beast.


Yes that is a picture of Carrot Top at the Las Vegas Sign.

I have been to Vegas several times, although I am not particularly into the things that define Vegas – gambling, etc. This time, I took a small trip to Red Rock Canyon with my family. I love driving through the wide open spaces out west — it gives me a feeling of being home in Colorado.


The Las Vegas Strip is not my favorite place on earth. It smells a bit, and nobody seems to be wearing enough clothing. These truths I already knew, but what I noticed on this particular trip was that The Strip has absolutely no recycling bins.

None, zero! I couldn’t even find a recycling bin in my hotel — the Bellagio. In its defense, the Bellagio did have nice fountains, a giant tortoise, and a great pool.


While in Vegas I saw a great show (Beatles Love), went to the mob museum (currently on a Sopranos binge, so it felt necessary), and I ate a lot of really great food. It was a lot of fun.  And when I got to the airport…low and behold!


I dumped some of the recyclables I had been carrying around in my suitcase.


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