Supefood Waste: Sunfood and Navitas

When I’m in the grocery store, I have to show restraint as I pass by the Sunfood display: acai powder, cacao butter, matcha, Golden Milk Super Blend -- I’m a real sucker. I mean I haven’t even heard of half the stuff, but I still want it. Acai Maqui Bowl mix anyone? Lucuma powder? Dean’s … Continue reading Supefood Waste: Sunfood and Navitas

March Madness Trash Edition: Part 2

Part 2 Part 1 here March Madness is officially underway. We have had two Noreaster storms here on the East Coast this week, and our heat and wifi have been on and off for a few days. Spring is still a dream!     On the trash front, we had a successful first week. I … Continue reading March Madness Trash Edition: Part 2